Energy Conservation System for Heat Exchangers

The effectivity of air sided heat exchangers results from the heat exchanging surface of the fins and the conductivity of the bond between fins and the tubes. The majority of heat exchangers are installed in polluting and corrosive outdoor conditions. If properly protected, an aluminum / copper coil can keep its performance for the lifetime of the whole machine, by keeping the heat exchanging surface, and a good bond of tubes and fins. The energy losses due to pollution and corrosion justify a proper protection in vastly all situations.

The performance of a cooling process is depending on the condensation temperature of the cooling liquid. The less heat-exchanging surface, the more power the compressor has to generate to get the required capacity. One degree Centigrade condensing temperature increase decreases the cooling capacity by 1.1%. If converted into energy consumption, a 100 KW chiller will save 26,800 kWh per year or US$ 3,350 (at US$0,125 per kW). A payback period for Thermoguard energy conservation systems of half a year is therefore not an exception to the rule.

Thermoguard energises the heat exchanger. A surface treatment keeps a nominal performance for many years by:

Absolute heat conductivity no capacity losses: metallic pigmented
Outstanding chemical resistance corrosion protection in almost all exposure conditions
Smooth surface less dust adhesion
No cracking flexible, to cope with shrinking and expansion of metal   
Spray application applied whenever desired:
- Before mounted into machine
- Before installation
- After installation
- New and old coils


Limited maintenance
Global warranty system
Best quality
Shop processing times

Thermoguard will be available throughout a world wide network, by tight and very clear and simple warranty procedures.

The Thermoguard coating systems are only applied by a licensee who has had a thorough training to come to the Thermoguard quality requirements. We guarantee that our certified applicators will create an energy conservation system by means of a Thermoguard treatment, which:

Establishes a maximum coverage of the heat exchanging surface
Minimizes dust adhesion factor
Has a minimum influence on the coil capacities expressed by pressure drop or thermal resistance.


Thermoguard is warranted by a three-year-block principal (at given exposure conditions): Each three years a Thermoguard certified applicator upgrades Thermoguard at site. By this way the warranty can be extended up to twelve years*.


The two layer treatment is established by a first I micron layer of Diamond ZX an-environmentally friendly – Zirconium based passivation medium. Thermoguard is an aluminium pigmented PU top layer of just 25 micron. Laboratory tests create artificial exposure conditions, the results make Thermoguard a world wide standard:

Marine by ASTM B-117
  This salt spray test shows no defects after 10,000 hours – reflecting ten years extension of life time in real life at the sea side.
Urban by ASTM B-287
  City life causes acid rain. Thermoguard shows no defects after 3,000 hours reflecting nine years of exposure to an urban climate.
Industrial by DIN 50018 or Kesternich test
  Hundred and twenty cycles or ten years of heavy polluted sulphuric air have been a proven success for Thermoguard.
Tropical area by Ozone exposure – temperature changes - humidity
  Thermoguard was exposed in a humid cabinet to Ozone and extreme temperature fluctuations. By succeeding Thermoguard proves to be able to cope with tropical whether conditions.
Desert area by Taber Abraser test
  The Taber Abraser test concludes about exposure to erosive conditions like sandstorms. Thermoguard passed this test as extremely resistant to mechanical impacts.
Dust and dirt by Din 40046
  Very limited dust adhesion was found compared to regular aluminum surface.


Thermoguard is applied by spraying. The processing time will be tailored to your explicit requirements. No long dipping and backing processes nor long waiting times. Thermoguard sees to solution that will not effect delivery times or other time consuming activities.

Thermoguard to be applied on:
Condensers (CU/AI subject to 3 years warranty)
Air handling unit
Airfin banks
Sprial cu/al tubes
High temperature applications
Split units
Off shore and marine equipment
Petrochemical and chemical plants

Thermoguard is applied by local Licensees. We are specialized in high volume applications and will tailor techniques, products, prices and environmental requirements to the needs of the customer.

More information is available on request:
Safety Data sheets and Product Info sheets
Quality test
Water based and VOC free applications

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